E-SCORES – Rose Classic Super Jam 2020

Rose Classic super jam 2020 E-SCORE rankings

What is an E-SCORE? Have you ever played NBA2K and seen the “Overall Score” of the players in the video game? The E-SCORE is very similar – it is an overall numerical indicator designed to take into account a variety of basketball metrics to better help determine performance. The goal is to guage a player’s impact when on the court, it is adjusted for strength of schedule, pace, quality of team, etc. It is based off of a median score of 100, above 100 is above league average, below 100 is below average.

Please take note of the number of games played. The more games scored, the better the predictive analysis… and the more confident you can be in the results. We go to great lengths to get the very best data possible. The box scores are not perfect, but they are checked multiple times for accuracy. If you have any questions or issues with any EPLAY publicized analytics, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@eplay.us.


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