When you can't lay eyes on an event, make sure you have an EAR on it.

With it becoming more and more difficult to see all the players you would like, you need a way to multiply yourself and keep up with the competition. Introducing the EPLAY Event Analytics Report (EAR). Now you can purchase a complete digital wrap up of the events you want to study further or help make up for when you cant be there in person. 

Current Features:

  • Search quickly to find players
  • Valid event game actuals
  • Scoring, Defense, Ball-handling Analytics
  • Event overall and categorical rankings

Additions with some events:

  • Live and on-demand video
  • Graphical player comparisons
  • Glossary of terms and explanation of ratings

Want to view an Event Analytics Report demo?

We would be happy to let you check out an EPLAY “EAR” for yourself. All we ask is that you share your Name and email with us so that that we can follow up if you have any questions.

Purchase EARs from Previous events: