How EPLAY Can Help Players?

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Statistics have always been important. 

Analytics, on the other hand, are becoming essential.

Data provided from analytics are necessary for everyone right now. Teams are actively making decisions based upon analytics. 

Coaches use analytics to find specific keys to team success and to find the best players that fit into their system(s). But in order to grasp this principal, players need to know what data is most crucial to their success.

Statistics are vital in terms of career building for players. Consistently good statistics are a way to reveal whether or not a player can perform at a high level. Basketball players are essentially using statistical data to build their resumes, but most of the time that information doesn’t tell the entire story. In reality, it can be hard to watch a basketball game and focus on everything that is happening on the court. We miss things. Even the little nuances of the game that numbers might not reflect. You might think somebody has 5 rebounds when they only got 4, or whatever the case may be. The point is that we can miss things that happen on the court in real-time. But things that you might see on the court or on film are not always the right things to pay attention to. 

Here comes EPLAY.

Our company provides sophisticated information that will help to tell the ENTIRE story of your basketball career.

We are talking to you right now! 

Whether you’re trying to earn a scholarship, or sign a contract with a professional team, or you’re trying to get a better deal from your existing team, at some point along the way you might’ve been told that you weren’t good enough, were too small or too slow. At some point we’ve all been told that we haven’t earned that contract, that scholarship or that opportunity. But why?

EPLAY Analytics is here to tell your story in a way that allows the truth to reside in the numbers. Yes, there’s truth in numbers. 

Data and numbers are the first thing that should be looked at before seeing the way a player performs on the basketball court. At EPLAY, our sophisticated competition algorithm provides you with the knowledge of where your game ranks among the best. We allow you to know your level of basketball skills and what level you should be competing at. We can quite literally project your game to the next level! 

EPLAY gives you the ability to understand the weakest parts of your game, the areas of your game that need the most improvement. Whether you’re the type of player who focuses entirely too much on scoring the basketball and doesn’t do enough on the defensive end of the floor, EPLAY can identify those things. More importantly, EPLAY is able to understand your potential impact on any given day!

EPLAY can create an overall profile for every player that includes a picture, verified box scores and stats, videos of your games and an E-SCORE. Our players are recognized through our EPLAY platform, giving them social media exposure, collegiate exposure, NBA exposure, national and international exposure. 

What makes EPLAY stand apart from the rest is our system of verification! We collect and verify valid data through our base of certified statisticians utilizing our scoring system, while incorporating player identity verification elements. 

EPLAY is the future of basketball; right now!

Erick Strickland – EPLAY’s Chief Operating Officer and former NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks tells you what made him turn to the power of analytics in his post NBA career and why YOU should choose EPLAY! 

Create your future and a career path with us! 



Alessandra Formica

Alessandra Formica

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