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EPLAY exists to provide players the numbers to tell their story with certified data and deep recruiting analytics.


EPLAY is a Dallas-based sports tech startup that provides pro, collegiate and high school level basketball players, coaches, recruiters and agents certified data for deep analytics. EPLAY’s platform allows teams to optimize player assessment & career projections and provides players the numbers to tell their story.

Having defined EPLAY’s core business competencies, it is our mission to empower athletes and decision makers across the world to make more educated decisions on training and recruitment by better understanding and leveraging the quantitative side of sports performances.


EPLAY expects all team members to understand and adhere to our cultural objectives, defined below. These are the objectives we aim to fulfill every day, in each and every thing we do.

Relentless Integrity

When working in the business of amateur athletes, it is crucial that we are honest and transparent with our customers and that we don’t allow our pursuit of profits to interfere with our ethics.

Constant Innovation

We should always seek to deliver insights that players, coaches, and scouts would not be able to find elsewhere. As an analytics company, this means that we need to come up with unique metrics which give teams new perspectives when evaluating players.
Continuous Adaptation

The sports industry is constantly changing, and we need to be ready to adapt with it. We need to constantly evaluate all aspects of our business and evolve in the direction of what works.

Encourage “Ideation”

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Every team member should feel comfortable and free to openly share ideas without fear of dismissal. Moreover, team members should feel that they are being heard by their superiors and that their opinions are valued.

Deliver Data-Centered Results

We should always be aware that we are nothing without our data. The focus of our business should always be to deliver results. In order to do this, we need to be able to effectively collect, organize and present data.



If any questions on these topics ever arise, or to request updates/clarifications, please contact CEO Ryan Girardot directly at ryan@eplay.us.