No matter what age or level of competition you play, you can always improve. Regardless if you are considered a blue chip player or can’t seem to get anyone to notice, you can always increase your exposure.

Finally with EPLAY, there are tools that will allow you to tell your own story. Let your game speak for itself. No noise. No bias. No strings attached.

See what coaches and scouts are seeing about you!

For the first time ever, EPLAY for Players allows you to see how you compare to you competition according to the unbiased numbers. Players get full profiles with career stats (from all EPLAY events they’ve played in) and insights showing a report card on how they stack up and where the numbers suggest they need to improve.

There are 3 ways you can begin to take advantage of the EPLAY suite of tools:

1.) Start with a FREE Profile
2.) Purchase Individual Event Report Cards
3.) Upgrade to a CERTIFIED EPLAY GOLD Membership

EPLAY Analytics has a worldwide network of coaches recruiters scouts and universities to allow you to do just that. If you are serious about your game, you need to strongly consider becoming EPLAY gold certified. Through the EPLAY gold certified program, Players immediately begin benefiting from the following advantages:

  • College scouts viewing your game data and analytics via our Pro products
  • Huge discounts on event report cards and player comparisons
  • Track your career and compare your game with others

Start your certified EPLAY career today by registering online. It only takes a few minutes, and could literally change your future!

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