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Get involved. Learn A Skill. GET CREDIT. Work in Sports.


  • StatClub is a nonprofit organization designed to educate and support students in the STEM and Sports Analytics industries.


  • Our mission is to cultivate and develop the next generation of statisticians and data analysts by providing students with practical experience, industry-focused knowledge, and the OPPORTUNITY to grow. In a world where data is everywhere, our goal is to prepare and support students as they navigate the various career pathways and disciplines in our modern society.

Community Programs

StatClub has partnered with programs like the Boys & Girls Club of America to launch successful StatClub summer programs for the youth involved in these organizations. These programs are targeted towards students of various ages, with flexible curriculum being formed for the targeted age range.


StatClub also partners with High Schools across the country in order to continue the STEM and Sports education movement as students progress through their academic career. In these programs, StatClub not only trains and educates students in the various disciplines, but also provides scholarships, employment opportunities, and enforces the values of higher-education.


There are many ways you can help and benefit

Live Statistician (student at participating school): This student will be responsible for keeping real-time stats using a variety of methods at their own school’s home games, as well as coordinating with both teams to ensure rosters are in the system ahead of time and working with the EPLAY corporate team to ensure the games are properly set up

Live Videographer (student at participating school): This student will be responsible for recording the games on video utilizing a device provided by their school and an app provided by EPLAY. These recordings may be done live (when internet connection is available) or recorded on the device and uploaded within 24 hours.

Video Coordinator (student at participating school): This student helps bring everything together by utilizing a laptop (and a platform provided by EPLAY) to re-stat every game by video. The student, while statting the game, will also mark highlights in the game, which the system will turn into content usable by coaches and parents.

School Sponsor (teacher/coach at participating school): Given that most schools require a faculty member to ‘sponsor’ for a club to be legitimized (very important we have official school approval in order to leverage all potential transcript benefits for students), this is a position we expect to need at each location and therefore build important aspects around. The sponsor will be responsible for taking attendance at the club, ensuring the room is ready to receive the live stream, and helping to administer a few on-site supplements to the live stream for each session. 

Scholarships:  EPLAY is launching a crowdfunding campaign centered around raising funds to support its mission for players, schools, and our three student-workers. This crowdfunding campaign exists to primarily fund scholarships for our student-workers. 

It is EPLAY’s primary mission to make receiving a scholarship by working on the analytical side of basketball just as likely as receiving a scholarship on the court. We will use this primary mission to guide our secondary mission – awarding the largest amounts possible. 

Lastly, EPLAY will award scholarships on the basis of merit. Performances within each role are gauged by objective success metrics – all relative to a student-worker’s role.

I am passionate about the mission and direction of StatClub would love the opportunity to tell you more about StatClub and explore ways we can work with your organization. Please contact me at today.


Director of Statclub Operations